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Kwibuka, 30 Years Later
Kwibuka, 30 Years Later Reflections on Hope, Healing, and Resilience.

As we mark the 30th anniversary of the Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda, our co-founders Denise Umunyana and Celine Uwineza, both......

world entrepreneurship week
Open Letter to 7 years younger Entrepreneur Celine

Congratulations on starting Celine! Congratulations on having the courage to step out of your monthly salary comfort zone and into uncharted territory

tips and resources
What goes in a cover letter?

In most cases job applications require a cover letter. A cover letter can be the difference between standing out and getting an interview or having your CV ignored.

tips and resources
Help, I am trying to ace my job interview

You are at that exciting yet nerve wracking stage in your job search called the interview. Exciting because you get to sell yourself to the employer, nerve wracking...

RIGHT SEAT offers pro bono HR solutions to companies affected by Covid-19

The past few weeks have been a whirl-wind of emotions. The shock, the disbelief and the angst around the unknown.


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