Our Roots

Professional discovery. The future of work depends on it. What it means to build a career has evolved. It’s no longer simply about our education level, years of experience or following the traditional career path. Career Development is about what makes us come alive, our passion and interest shape work culture and eventually, the quality of product that organizations put out into the world.

We’ve been doing research for the last 20 years. We know that work culture— now and into the future— will rely on inspiration and creativity that pushes us to collectively shift our thinking and behavior around the idea of work

Right Seat is a brand born specifically to empower everyone we meet to lead with heart in business which we believe will create the pulse for a new era of professionalism.

We’re just getting started on this dynamic journey and are excited to be at the leading edge of a new way of work. We know that by supporting people’s personal growth, we cause a shift that is bigger than us.

Right Seat Team

Meet our team of innovative thinkers.

Celine Uwineza
Denise Umunyana
Alice Uwizeye
Accounts Executive
Ntwali Gedeon
HR Operations Officer
Tuganimana Emmanuel
IT Officer