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The HR jumpstart you need to effectively enter the Rwandan market

Businesses entering the local market must execute their HR operations with perfection if they hope to succeed. Right Seat's service suite for market entrants ensures your firm is fully equipped to chart a growth path in Rwanda. From culture training to labour law compliance, we advise you on the HR changes needed to expand the reach of your business and build your brand in Rwanda.

Service Suite
Labour Law Compliance:

Flouting labour laws in Rwanda is a barrier to growth in the local market. Right Seat provides guidance on Rwandan labour law to guarantee that your operations are legally compliant. We make recommendations for internal changes in your HR department where legal discrepancies might exist. After this thorough process, you can be assured that your firm has the legal right to operate in Rwanda.

Culture Training:

Culture training helps you understand local management and communication styles, which is crucial for navigating the Rwandan market. Our training helps you understand the little dynamics when it comes to doing business in Rwanda's modernising economy. Receiving the necessary cultural training is key if you want to maximise business success in our country.

Payroll Simulation:

Setting capital aside for payroll is a given but deciding how to spend it in a new market can be a challenge. Right Seat will put together a payroll simulation for you in the Rwandan context, so you know what the expected level of local compensation is. Our simulation guarantees payments are made with speed and in the appropriate time frame.

Limited Ad-Hoc Advisory Services (4hrs A Month):

Our monthly advisory services give you guidance on how to overcome complex or unclear business logistics in the Rwandan market. With hundreds of HR projects delivered to local and international and international clients, Right Seat are the HR advisors you require to do business in Rwanda. With decades of collective knowledge, a digital meeting away, you know you have expertise on your side

Employment Contract Template Review:

To do business in Rwanda, your employment contracts must meet national standards. We will edit your employment contracts so they are legally binding, or provide proven templates of our won. Right Seat will recommend changes where faults in the contract are found. At the end of it all, you'll be left with an employee contract that fully complies with Rwanda labour law.

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