HR Strategy

Offering guidance on best HR practices - for best organisational results

Organizational efficiency is dependent on a cogent HR strategy. As your partners, we'll provide sage guidance on every aspect of your business' HR matters. Right Seat is on the cutting-edge of best practice in the HR space - from organisational development to job evaluation, expatriate support, and much more. The application of our knowledge on your firm's HR operations ensures long-term growth results.

Service Suite
HR Audit

The standard for best practice in the HR industry shifts every few years. Right Seat's specialised HR audit service identifies areas of improvement in your current operations, so that you're up to date with best practice. From procedures to policy, we'll give you actionable plans to patch up operational holes in your current HR practice.

HR Advisory

Getting a second opinion on your current HR practice can shift the direction of your firm. Our trusted advisors give you the guidance you need to enhance your HR department and operations, including recruitment, performance management and everything in-between. With over a decade of knowledge, our team is fit to provide practical and sage advice.

Job Evaluation

Companies need reassurance that the compensation and benefits they pay are fair and up to industry standards. Our job evaluation service offers insight into the relative value of roles within your organization and ensures a fair and equitable basis for compensation and other HR-related decisions is established

Organizational Development

A hitch in any HR system can have far reaching consequences. By using our tried and tested organisational development knowledge, Right Seat helps you to mitigate potential risk. We'll take a close look at the processes and structures that form the backbone of your HR operations and make actionable recommendations to improve what's currently in operation.

Startup Support

New businesses and their progress are often throttled by a lack of cash flow. Hiring an internal HR department can be costly, and distract from larger growth goals. Our start-up support package is suited for young companies who recognise the importance of people strategies. We will handle crucial aspects such as payroll, recruitment, and more - so you can focus on setting a growth path for your firm.

Expatriate Support

Sending an employee of yours on a work assignment abroad can be taxing on them. As a representative of your brand in another country, you need them to perform and maintain a level of professionalism. Right Seat's expatriate service ensures your trusted employee feels supported as they adjust to novel surroundings and new ways of working

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