Help, I am trying to ace my job interview

You are at that exciting yet nerve wracking stage in your job search called the interview. Exciting because you get to sell yourself to the employer, nerve wracking...

Published on May 25, 2020

You are at that exciting yet nerve wracking stage in your job search called the interview. Exciting because you get to sell yourself to the employer, nerve wracking because interviews can be daunting when you do not have the right guidance. Although interviews can be intimidating, you can prepare for them by following the next tips:

Practice ahead of time and prepare

Do your research on the typical interview questions, and craft answers that showcase your suitability for the job. Strong answers are concise and straight to the point, they incorporate your skills and are backed up by your resume. In preparing for the interview customize your answers based on your resume and the skills highlighted in it.

Also have your questions for the interviewer ready. Please refrain from asking questions that do not pertain to the interview or the company. Additionally, your salary expectations should be ready and the necessary research should have been done ahead of time to determine this figure.

Build a rapport with your interviewer

Make a good first impression by being personable. Hiring managers hire people that they like and who can fit into their company’s culture.

Get to know your interviewer’s name, and make sure to use it. If they have a title refer to them using the title as a show of respect. Lastly, do not forget your manners, be gracious and pay attention to your body language. Being engaging can go a long way into increasing your chances of getting hired.

Do your homework on what the job and company is about

This might seem like common sense, but how many times have you done your research but ended up not using it in an interview due to nerves? You need to be ready to answer the question “ what do you know about this company?”. If the question is not asked, impress the interviewers by highlighting what you know through your answers.

Your answers should always relate how you are a good fit to the company. To do this it is important to understand the mission of the company. Understand the position you have applied for beyond the job description by doing your own research. Use the company’s website, blogs or social media pages to get this information

Get ready ahead of time so that you can be on time (early!)

Do not wait till the last day to set up your computer and internet for a virtual interview or choose an outfit for an in person one. If it is a virtual interview make sure your internet, audio and video settings are working perfectly at least a couple of days prior to the interview.Preparing ahead of time communicates to the interviewer your ability to pay attention to details and organization skills.

On the day of the interview show up at least 10 minutes early. This is possible if you have planned ahead and know the location of the interview place. Nothing says unprofessional more than being late for your interview, prevent this by being early.

Answer your questions calmly, concisely and cohesively

Actively listen to the questions being asked, then take time to think of a good answer. You can do this by asking the interviewer if they can give you a couple of seconds to think through your answer.

When answering the question give a direct answer that is concise. Elaborate on it by providing concrete examples from past experience. Lastly, to conclude relate your answer to how you can contribute to the company.

Follow up after interview

After a day send out a quick thank you note to your interviewers. Express gratitude and a positive attitude towards the next steps.


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