HR Outsourcing

Equipping you with the necessary tools to effectively execute HR business processes.

Running HR internally can distract from your growth goals; especially if you don't have the necessary capital or staff at hand. Right Seat can help you understand the intricacies of HR and equip you with the right tools for compliance. Our team specialises in payroll, employee management, performance management, and every other HR facet that's key for sustained business success

Service Suite

Keeping your books in order isn't the sole responsibility of accountants. Right Seat will manage your payroll process, ensuring employees are compensated for their work correctly and on time. Our team will calculate the correct earnings, file the necessary payroll taxes, and delivery salary packages. Most importantly, we'll ensure your payroll department is legally compliant.


The world of work is always changing, and so are the labour laws that govern it. Right Seat will mitigate legal risks by bringing your firm up to speed with the necessary regulations. We can complete a full audit of your HR policies to ensure compliance and give you the guidance needed to apply them in your company.

Employee Management

Our employee management procedures create alignment between your business goals and the goals of employees. Focusing on your employees is crucial, but it can be a task you don't have excessive time for. Our management service allows you to realign your focus on business growth and strategy; with the reassurance that employees stay on track

Performance Management

The health of your firm depends in large part on the performance of your workforce. Right Seat will evaluate the output of employees and align their goals with the holistic goals of your company. As your partner, we also aim to continuously improve the quality and quantity of work output you receive from personnel.

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