HR for SMEs & Start-ups

The support you need to make the most of beginner business operations.

Cash flow constrictions in the first few years of business hinders many cogs in your firm. As your partner, we offer the guidance you need to run a legally compliant operation. Our HR starter package includes payroll schedule and employment contract templates, monthly advisory services, and other corporate instruments that your business requires.

Service Suite
Employee Handbook:

Vision, values, and mission. It’s crucial for employees to understand these aspects of your start-up. Right Seat will develop an employee handbook that communicates precisely what your company's stated goals are, and what is expected of employees entering your workforce. With synergy in place, you'll be able to foster growth

Onboarding & Recruitment Procedures

Bringing the right people on board can mean the difference between a flourishing or faltering start-up. Right Seat handles every aspect of the recruitment process, from job description developments, to interviews, to application management. After scouring through applications and doing the necessary inventory, we present your business with a skilled list of people who we believe can help propel it forward.

Payroll Templates

A motivated workforce and cogent payroll schedule are directly linked. Have an inconsistent and illogical pay plan can have a significant impact on your employees, and in turn the direction of your business. Right Seat will develop a payroll schedule that considers the needs of your start-up and workforce

Employment Contract Template:

Hiring new employees always comes with a risk factor. We seek to eliminate that risk for your firm. Right Seat will run an extensive background verification process on candidates - researching their credentials, financial records, and any other crucial information that matters. Our thorough vetting provides assurance that interested applicants are who they say they are.

Limited Virtual HR Support:

Sometimes, a dial in HR solution is what works for startups. Our limited virtual support team provides on the spot guidance for every facet of HR; including payroll, performance management, audits, and more. Right Seat will help you get the advice you need without ever having to leave your office

Monthly HR Advisory Services (4 Hours):

Your business journey can be rocky without crucial guidance. Right Seat offers you a monthly HR advisory service, so you can assess whether your current HR practices are up to standard. We can identify the flaws in your current operation, and then provide best practice advice on how to move forward

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