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Talent Curation

At Right Seat, we understand the value of finding the right person to join your team. We also know that onboarding a new team member is often a time consuming process for an already busy business. We do our work with a keen eye for detail to make sure that the people we pair you with make the most sense for not only your strategic goals but for the overall health of your team.

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HR Outsourcing

There are many layers to compliance that require a nuanced attention to detail and we make it our business to understand the intricacies so that you don’t have to worry about it. Right Seat becomes your HR Partner in conceiving and executing a multi HR business process that equips your team with the tools you need to get optimal return on investment.

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HR Strategy

Starting and executing a project is no walk in the park. You want to make sure that your business is built in a way that makes holistic sense. We provide valuable guidance across all HR matters; we make sure that you set yourself up for success with the best practices in human resources. This service involves facilitation of an organization-wide change process that focuses on improving your organization’s efficiency levels.

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HR for SME & New Business

We know that SME and New Businesses deal with unprecedented uncertainty of cash flow and lack of capital in the beginning to support all their business operations. This offer gives guidance to companiesneeded to run a legally compliant operation, from a HR perspective. Whether you run an established SME or are starting a new business venture, this HR package is suitable for you.

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