Managing Director at SOEnergy
Congratulations and it has been a pleasure for us to be part of your story.

Since 2017 when SoEnergy arrived in Rwanda, we have got from you professional services and the support beyond our expectations but above all the warmth and kindness of Right Seat, who welcomed us with open arms, with your knowledge of the laws, the culture of your people, and your understanding of our organizational culture have been part of the success of SoEnergy Rwanda that has made us all grow not only professionally but as personal.

We have faced many challenges, such as COVID 19, which although for everyone was something terrifying and unknown, we overcame it and were able to react very quickly, hiring new staff in record time because we had several cases in our power plants, COVID 19 test campaigns were carried out, the support and accompaniment of our staff at home and those hospitalized was amazing and this was reflected in the fact that we never left Rwanda without electricity for this essential service and even more so in those moments of hospital crises.

We could go on listing the adventures we've had with Right Seat but words fail me, what we can say is thank you very much, that we appreciate your work, because you make your country proud so that your compatriots have a better life and give them the opportunity to see the other side of the World with open minds.