RS Founders Right Seat is the brainchild of two Rwandan women who see the value of liberation through career advancement and well-structured HR management in companies. They embarked on this entrepreneurial journey with a vision to play a big role in the rebuilding of their nation after the horrific events of the Genocide against the Tutsi. Right Seat was founded and established in 2015.

The founders have a combined experience of over 20 years under their belt in human resource management from a variety of national and international companies in Rwanda. This wealth of experience together with understanding the importance of preparing the youth to maintain their competitiveness on the job market is the reason behind the services and programs currently offered at Right Seat.

Despite having limited resources, the founders leveraged their deep experience in the human resources and staffing solutions industry into early success. By the second year of operations, Right Seat’s client list and staff number increased five-fold, and to date, more than 10,000 applications have passed through Right Seat’s recruitment process.

Right Seat is a HR strategic partner to companies of all sizes and individuals at various points of their career growth. Our development work includes but not limited to youth employment advocacy, career advancement initiatives, professional development masterclasses and learning programs.

Our solutions provide both companies and individuals the knowledge and resources they need to succeed and grow in their respective capacities. At the heart of Kigali, its services expand nationwide and beyond to the wider African region, providing solutions in various industries on all HR services. Our approach to talent management and career advancement is combining business strategy and heart, which is the driving force for each pitch made and each client on boarded.

Right Seat has so far partnered with companies from a wide range of industries during the recruitment processes that are in energy, hospitality, technology, manufacturing and finance field of services.

It is the company’s mission to be the preferred partner for all human resources and staffing support in the market. Our goal is to integrate our skills development program into educational systems throughout the African region. We want to assist businesses and African talents to remain competitive in the current and future of work.

Why Right Seat

  • Global HR insight
  • Local expertise in Rwanda
  • Experience across industries
  • Quality and cost awareness
  • Full service or specific based on client requirement
  • Enhanced value based capability

Want to Hire Us?

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