Right Seat offers expert management and administering of your company’s human resource as a virtual HR business partner. Day-to day HR activities including HR management, Employee Outsourcing, and Payroll management can be supported by Right Seat. This service involves delegating your HR department to Right Seat, which takes the responsibility of managing and administering the outsourced services on behalf of your organization. Below is a breakdown of the services we can administer for your business:

  • Employee outsourcing-This service is for multi-faceted companies that are driven by human resources. Right Seat has built a pool of talented professional who can suit the client’s needs.
  • Payroll outsourcing- Right Seat provides this service to allow a company to avoid any compliance challenges as well as time-consuming tasks. Our end to end payroll services help you to optimize the payroll function, mitigate payroll and tax-related risk.
  • Human Resource Administration- Right Seat provides direct access to HR experts who provide advice, direction, and administrative relief from the major regulatory policies and organizations that protect both the employer and employee.

Why Right Seat

  • Global HR insight
  • Local expertise in Rwanda
  • Experience across industries
  • Quality and cost awareness
  • Full service or specific based on client requirement
  • Enhanced value based capability

Want to Hire Us?

To learn more about how our HR solutions can serve your business initiatives, Call us today and we shall help you create an HR strategy to unlock the potential of your business.



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