Denise Umunyana saw an opportunity and went right for it; with enough experience and willpower, she ventured into a fairly untapped field, human resource. With an MBA in Human Resource Management, the 36-year-old co-started Right Seat Ltd, a management company that supports organisations by helping them maximise their business performance through strategic human resource management. Umunyana had a chat with Women Today’s Donah Mbabazi about her line of work.  Read More in The New Times.

Special thanks to Akraya, Inc. for their mentorship program! Right Seat had the privilege to learn from the best at the Silicon Valley! It was an honor and such an amazing experience to meet professionals and executives from Visa, Google, Facebook, Equinix, Ebay, Infinera, AT&T and many more inspirational professionals in the Human Resources Industry!

Right Seat represented at a Leadership & Business Course offered by the Institute of Economic Empowerment for Women in Partnership with Northwood University and AT&T global in Dallas.

Business (irrespective of their size) need to ask themselves, whether HR will increase the flow of business or slow it down? I doubt it will be the latter! For this to happen however, HR Leaders must evolves as the role evolves; it is high time they start focusing on creating a growth environment for employees rather than just managing hiring and payroll. They must take their seats in influencing the interaction between company leaders and employees with an end goal of retaining top performers and ultimate achieving business success.

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There is a saying, ‘Being at the right place at the right time!’ This is often mentioned when people who in search of an opportunity stumble upon it due to fate or some would say luck. This can be true for any aspect of your life, including employment. Someone could get a job by entering a coffee shop, reading the newspaper at a dentist appointment or even attending a social gathering. It could happen in the most unconventional and unexpected ways. However, there are times you have to take the conventional route and apply for a job through recruitment firms or in response to job adverts. Whichever way you get a job, one has to ask themselves if they are getting the right job.

We all know that skills are key to future economic growth and sustaining businesses; not just graduates but skills at all levels. The Government of Rwanda (and governments all over the world) recognizes the need for qualified and skilled human resources to address the imbalance in the supply and demand of skilled labour and it is committed to ensuring that there are skilled workers on the labour market. This is a clear call to improve skills to ensure Rwanda achieves its ambition. It also calls for a further big increase in the number of apprenticeships and mentorships.

In our combined 21years of working in Human Resource Management, we are constantly met by the misconception of what we do. HRM (as it is commonly known) has often been reduced to just job recruitment, and that is just one facet of this multifaceted discipline.

We often face the challenge of educating people that we can do more than just recruit talent; what we try and tell our clients, is that; it is just as important to manage the talent as to have it. We have seen that companies that do not have any sort of HR management often face issues of high employee turnover because they lack the policies and procedures that allow for talent to be content in the work place or leave in an organized manner that does not affect the efficiency of the organization. What a lot of people do not take notice of; is that it is costly and inefficient to keep re-training employees. What Right Seat aims to do, is to help establish frameworks that allow the smooth transition of employees leaving and coming in, as well as ensuring that employees leave better than when they came in.

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