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#RightSeatTeam meet for:

  1. Reflection time
  2. Celebrating success
  3. Recognizing the team efforts
  4. Preparing for the future

We were honored to spend the morning with students from Kepler Rwanda sharing our experiences and tips on how to attract their future employers.

#RightSeatOnTheMove #RightSeatImpact #DoingWhatWeLove #Grateful

Right Seat was interviewed by National Television on the benefits of joining the Career Women Network Kigali at the November 2017 event, themed « Women & Money ». We are proud to be part of an association of empowered and empowering women who are making moves to change the culture for all women. #WomenAndMoney #WomenInBusiness #CareerWomen #WomenEmpowerment

« Remember to live below your means and within your needs » Mrs Edigold Monday

Right Seat participating in the global women entrepreneurs project to inspire the current and future generations of women that are considering being entrepreneurs. In total it will have women from 24 countries represented and the project will portray a representation of women from different backgrounds, cultures, age, type of business (social enterprise, traditional business and tech business)

Meet Eliel, one of our recent clients. In this video you here his experience with Right Seat and see how he became our partner and friend.

rwanda logo 2If there is any success I achieved in my career, I owe it to people who opened their doors for me as an intern!” Today, our co-founder Celine Uwineza joins the effort of promoting young talents by sharing her internship story; from Intern to Director. Celine Uwineza is recognized among the best and efficient strategic Human Resource Executive in Rwanda with 13 consecutive years in the field. Her career started as an intern.

When I was 20 years old, I was at school and got a call informing me that my internship application had finally been accepted! I was so excited and I was to start the following day. My first week at work was very scary, I had no idea of what I was doing and I was anxious about what my supervisor and other colleagues were thinkingof me. Surprisingly, my supervisor took an interest in my work.As I was performing my duties of “filling clerk” in the Human Resource department, I started to ask questions on how to calculate the payroll, who are the government entities involved, what were the tax deduction to be made, and other related aspects of HRM. My supervisor took time to guide me on how to prepare the employee payroll and one month later, I was able to successfully perform the end to end payroll process with overtime calculation!

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