Is training THAT important?

We all know that skills are key to future economic growth and sustaining businesses; not just graduates but skills at all levels. The Government of Rwanda (and governments all over the world) recognizes the need for qualified and skilled human resources to address the imbalance in the supply and demand of skilled labour and it is committed to ensuring that there are skilled workers on the labour market. This is a clear call to improve skills to ensure Rwanda achieves its ambition. It also calls for a further big increase in the number of apprenticeships and mentorships.

training blog articleWorkforce training is essential for the growth of the job market in Rwanda and employers must play a larger role in the enforcement of training. Capacity building is often done in the form of Training workshops and doesn’t necessarily have to be directly related to the field of the participant, for example, an engineer can attend a leadership workshop so that they can be able to learn the tools and skills to best manage their team. Training can also be done in the form of short courses that can expand an employee’s knowledge on a certain field, since technology and markets are always evolving and we have to adapt.

It is imperative that organizations consider building capacity from within because companies that fail to train workers lose sight of the productive value of their existing and newly hired workforce. Training opportunities are mutually beneficial to the organization and employees; employees will get to enhance their skills set while the organization benefits through increased productivity and efficiency. This will in turn result in employee satisfaction whereby jobs become more meaningful for workers and there is more of an incentive for them to stay engaged. A lack of or poor training can cause for employees to consider resigning sooner than expected.

Many companies, today, especially those that are small and medium-sized — face considerable financial constraints that make it harder to build and sustain workforce development. More frequent changes in technology add further complication. What is needed is a kind of training support that places organizations at its center, but relies, too, on outside help. Companies could create in-house apprenticeships by bringing in trainers at the worksite; they make use of company time and equipment to prepare more experienced workers to mentor others. This is cost effective and often yields the same results as training workshops abroad; provided that all the necessary training tools are present.

However, not all training is good training! Make sure that you engage with experts with a track record and resume with experience in training in the field that they are hired to train in. It is also key to check with the referrals to ensure that the trainers’ experience is genuine.

Capacity building is instrumental to bringing the employees closer to the vision and mission of your organisation!

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